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Satyoga defines a way of understanding, practicing and teaching yoga.

SAT refers to 'Divine Truth', the laws of creation, which are true with or without our consent. Satyoga is the practice of those truths to the best of our ability to become one with those truths.

Such laws are universal and apply to all interactions inside of us as well as outside of us. For example: “As above, so below” refers to the universal validity of such truths. All that is valid for the macrocosm (in the planetary realm, the planets revolve around the sun); is also valid for the microcosm (in the atomic realm, the electrons revolve around the nucleus.) And that which applies at the physical level also applies at the psychological level. In that sense, our thinking revolves around a thought.

There are many styles within the many branches of yoga, but all point in the same direction, towards the self. A deeper connection with the self leads to a better understanding of who we are and what we need. So the intention of Satyogais not necessarily a concern of styles, but a blending of styles in a way that would enlighten through practice the pieces of the puzzle that we are to solve in the path of our lives.

The way to accomplish this is through the design of the Sadhana. The term Sadhana describes two things.
  • • The mat or piece of fabric that is practiced upon. This gathers the energy that is generated and the experience that is reached through the practice which is then evoked by the very presence of the mat or cloth.
  • The practice itself.

The practice can range from as wide as the entire entourage of the spiritual techniques that are performed, to the most minute punctual mix that addresses a particular issue. The relevance is not simply focused bodily, mentally or spiritually, it addresses every aspect of the being. The more we understand ourselves, the clearer it becomes what is needed in the practice.

From the perspective of an instructor, the more styles and techniques the instructor has in his serve of knowledge, the more he is able to create the most effective blend to enhance the fullest experience of life.

The aim is to reach the state of Ananda or happiness in peace. This is the peace and happiness that comes from acknowledging change as the only constant. Within that sense we are not the “good” one, “bright” one, “healthy” one, “rich” one, or “gifted” one. Neither are we the “bad” one, “dark” one, “sick” one, “poor” one, or the “deprived” one. We are simply the “Ones” in transition from one extreme to the other and back again.

The intention of Satyoga is to find the blend of techniques that will suit our needs while respecting our personal abilities to become more in accordance with the laws of the Universe.

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