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In this page you will find the information and guidance to bring insight into the ways yoga addresses specific aspects of the therapeutic process. This ranges from research studies to the opinion of Masters and Yoga Therapists (Teachings); from the poetic way that different cultures have naturally expressed yoga throughout the times (Tales) to some funny ways Yoga is expressed or seen (Jokes). Because it is a place of interaction, you will find both standard yogic knowledge, as well as the creative approach of modern yogis.



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  • The following is a list of workshops and areas of interest that Antonio addresses in class series or individual sessions.


    Pawanmuktasana I (Unblocking the energy within)

    Allowing the Pawan (Divine Wind, the breath and the vital force associated with it) to freely flow throughout the system is essential in accomplishing a sense of well-being, and most importantly, to gain and maintain good health. It is known that all energy blockages lead to illness and all illness implies a certain level of energy blockage.

    This practice offers a set of very simple yet powerful exercises intended to unblock the energy reestablishing the natural flow. At the same time this practice provides an opportunity to reach a deeper contact with your body improving your knowledge of yourself.


    Pawanmuktasana II (The cleaning of the ‘Hara’ or energy-balance-center)

    The Hara (or Frenic Point in western psychology) located four fingers under the belly button and approximately two inches inwards, is the center of balance of the entire energetic system within the human being, also associated with the physical place where the ‘lower’ (material) and ‘upper’ (emotional, spiritual) realities merge. The state of this center and the muscles around it determine our energy levels and the quality of it thus the importance of dissolving any possible blockage at this level.

    This practice offers a set of exercises intended to increase your awareness of your Hara and tone the muscles related to it while promoting the free flow of vital force at this level.


    Pawanmuktasana III ‘Shakti Bandha’ (or the unblocking of the creative energy)

    Amongst the many manifestations that energy can have within the human being, the creative energy is in the base of our ability to produce art, express, relate, and most importantly, come up with coping strategies to adapt to life challenges. Any blockage at this level, will diminish our possibilities of experiencing a fulfilling life turning the many gifts we receive into ‘problems to be solved’

    This practice offers a set of physical and breathing techniques along with visualizations intended to unblock the flow of creative energy within your system independent of whether the blockage is physical, mental or energetic.

    Yoga for Computer-use-related Injuries

    Amongst the many problems that arise as a result of our computer based life style, vision problems (CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome), problems on the wrists and forearms (CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and on the neck (Structural Neck Malfunction) are just some of them, reducing our interest and ability to dedicate appropriate time to our work or passion while diminishing our enjoyment in life.
    This workshop offers a set of techniques to address this various consequences of computer use integrated in a Sadhana (practice) that can be practiced at home by anyone regardless of previous Yoga experience or level of practice.

    Yoga for Insomnia

    Even though Insomnia is a problem in itself, the consequences of sleep deprivation are what make this sleep pattern alteration a cause of concern. Amongst them: immune system depression, increased irritability, slowed down reaction time (increasing the likelihood of car crashes and other accidents), acceleration of the aging process and if carried to its ultimate consequences, death.

    This workshop offers a set of physical and breathing techniques intended to reduce tension levels, retrieve your awareness from the challenging matters that help raise them and induce sleep.

    Yoga for Headeache

    Whether a minor headache or a full Migraine, the vascular ‘throbbing’ or the vice-like (as a band around the head) pain, headache is a very unpleasant and hard to deal with condition that results from a number of possible causes. Amongst them: stress, lack of sleep, hunger, poor posture, muscle tension in the back of the neck and in general, anything that distorts the spinal curves.

    This workshop offers a set of techniques integrated in a Sadhana (practice) intended to address both the causes and consequences of headaches that includes physical exercises, breathing techniques and a few preventive tips.


    Yoga for PMS Symptom Relief

    PMS is a grab bag of over 150 symptoms that women may experience during the two weeks prior to the start of their menstrual flow. Symptoms can include anxiety, depression, weight gain, bowel changes, bloating, food cravings, breast tenderness and diminished sex drive. Though doctors are still unsure about what causes PMS, it is known to be related with changing levels of female hormones and neurotransmitters.

    Regular treatments generally use pain relievers and hormonal supplements…

    Learn a yoga technique (‘The Leaf’) to relieve your physical symptoms while addressing your whole being and that can be easily practiced at home every time you need it!


    Yoga for Grief Relief

    Participants will learn about the physical symptoms of grief, its psycho-neuro-immunological bases and a set of simple Yoga exercises to address them while aiding the psychological transformation of grief into a resource of personal growth. A comparative analysis is made of the Western and Eastern models of the Psyche stating the importance of the psychic centers’ involvement (particularly the ‘Heart Chakra’) both physically and emotionally and specially in regards to the yogic theory of Attachment. The methodology alternates theoretical lectures with experiential work.


    Tola Yoga

    Balance postures to create inner balance.

    ‘As above so below’, that what we do with the body, reflects in the mind. This workshop explores the relationship between the practice of balance postures to promote a sense and state of inner balance. Participants are first guided through some preparatory exercises to increase balance awareness and then a set of specific postures and breath techniques is taught and practiced with the intention of inducing the mind to a balanced state.


    Principles of Yoga Therapy

    Yoga Therapy is the blending of the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the latest knowledge of science and research dedicated to maintain or restore a radiant state of health and well-being. The fact that the different branches of science are now acknowledging that everything in the universe works together with absolute, intimate and exquisite interrelationship is part of the basis of the increasing success and respect that Yoga Therapy is gaining among mainstream medical practitioners. As more clinicians use these techniques either for themselves or their patients, and as more masters design specific applications of yoga, the spectrum of Yoga Therapy grows exponentially while it follows certain general principles related to its applications. This workshop presents a brief history of Yoga Therapy and its relationship to research, a description and analysis of those principles and a practical application where participants are guided through some techniques addressing the body, the mind and the spirit.

    Yoga For Men

    'We are all one'...and we are so different! Even though it's common to see mostly women in yoga classes, Yoga has a lot to offer to men. This workshop will emphasize the invigorating aspects of the practice and its effects on the most intrinsic aspects of being a man.


    Building Your Home Yoga Practice

    The ultimate goal of Yoga is to make life the practice. A good first step is to build one’s own home practice, this workshop gives some ideas on how to structure a session to make sure some of the most essential aspects of a yoga practice are addressed.


    Yoga for Cancer

    This workshop integrates techniques, thoughtful insights and, why not!, humor, towards a very dynamic class intended to provide practitioners with tools to better understand and cope with life with cancer. Suitable for those having or having had Cancer as well as those related to it, rather than presenting random series, this workshop features the use of specific series and techniques to accomplish specific goals. These goals include coping with the secondary effects of treatment and surgery as well as establishing a new psychosomatic dialogue with the body towards a stronger identification with the Spiritual aspects of the self that cannot have cancer. The emphasis is on the relationship of the physical techniques with their mental and spiritual correlates to empower those with cancer towards personal realization


      • 3 Hour workshop
      • 1 Day workshop
      • 3 Day Seminar

    In all workshops participants will receive:

    • Theoretical information regarding the topic.
    • Instruction regarding the practice and the necessary adjustments according to participant’s abilities and needs
    • A hand out outlining the practice
    • Sat sang or a few words regarding the ‘divine truths’ that Yoga is based on and that address the topic
    • A few complementary tips

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