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Testimonials from those who have worked with Antonio...

Antonio brings to the world of Yoga, a practical and inspiriting approach to Yoga and Yoga Therapy. He honors the individual in his teaching bridging the gap between sequence spirituality and medicine. His integrated and holistic approach to mind-body healing is unique within the Yoga community and very current to the growing needs of today's world.
Rama Jyoti Vernon

Working with Antonio has been incredible. Not only does his soothing voice ease the most clouded of minds, his way of getting you to move your body is sensitive and loving. These combined two factors allow an easy and fun introduction to the magic of yoga.

Antonio brought his skill as a Yoga instructor and psychotherapist to my stroke survivors group. His combined skills helped him assess who needed support, who needed challenge and what best serve the building of an emotionally safe container in which the members felt free enough to risk new behavior and to reveal their difficulty.
Carol Howard -Wooton, MA,
Marriage and Family Therapist
Founder & President of Keeping Hope Alive

I have known Antonio Sausys for the last 8 years. He is a trusted professional embodying knowledge and integrity. Antonio Sausys is a passionate, talented, creative and intuitive Yoga teacher. He is able to listen with both heart and mind, and combine techniques that are pertinent to the individual; their physical capabilities and emotional process. He is highly trained in combining the skills of traditional psychology and the practice of Yoga for healing and personal growth. Antonio is both competent aware and thus able to 'hold space' for the individual to be exactly where they are at, and provide safety and instill confidence. His phenomenal contribution to the healing arts field is creating an individual 'Sadhana'(a daily practice routine) for each person. This requires addressing, in depth, postures and mental focus that fortify each person's ability. In my Degriefing work, I refer clients to him that are able to use 'Yoga for Grief Relief', to instill the courage it takes to live life fully. Antonio, uniquely serves each client, exploring the mind/body relationship, teaching stability, centering and awareness. Successfully promoting consciousness, results in a more refined and integrated life experience. I whole-heartedly recommend him as a competent and loving healing practitioner.

Lyn Prashant,
Founder, Degriefing (

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